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McDougall Trust's quarterly unattributed peer-reviewed journal REPRESENTATION has been published (in the present series) since 1960. Its primary focus has been the study of elections and voting systems; but it has a general interest in all matters relating to the theme of representative democracy.

REPRESENTATION has established itself as a recognised journal of record and comment in its field, both within the United Kingdom and internationally.

REPRESENTATION explores the interface between democratic practice and theory. For example, theoretical discussion can make a significant contribution to current practices in topics such as the democratic deficit, representation for women and minorities, modernising elections, voter education and democratic institutions at transnational, or global, level. Representation offers a place for debates and scholarship, both empirical and normative, on democratic practices around the world. 

REPRESENTATION is read primarily by academics and students, journalists and election practitioners, but aims to be accessible to politically informed lay readers.

From 2006 (Volume 42) REPRESENTATION has been published by McDougall Trust in association with Taylor & Francis Group (Routledge).

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 REPRESENTATION Lead Editors (from Volume 60)

Dr Simona Guerra - University of Surrey, UK 
Dr Javier Sajuria - Queen Mary University of London, UK 

REPRESENTATION Editorial Advisory Board

David Beetham  - University of Leeds, UK 
Sarah Birch - University of Glasgow, UK
Geoffrey Brennan - Chapel Hill, Australia
David Butler - Nuffield College, University of Oxford, UK
Joseph C.W. Chan - University of Hong Kong 
David Denver - Lancaster Unversity,UK 
David Estlund - Brown University, USA
Marc Fleurbaey - University Paris Descartes, France
Andrew Gamble - University of Cambridge, UK 
Robert Goodin - Australian National University, Australia
Achim Goerres - University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany 
Richard S. Katz - The Johns Hopkins University, USA
Minha Kim - Sungkyunkwan University, Korea 
Jane Mansbridge - Harvard University, USA
Pippa Norris - Harvard University, USA
Edward Phelps - Digital Policy Alliance, Australia
Gideon Rahat - Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 
Ben Reilly - University of Western Austrakia, Australia 
Andrew Reynolds - University of North Carolina, USA
Michael Saward - University of Warwick, UK
Paul Wilder - McDougall Trust, UK


REPRESENTATION is published by McDougall Trust in association with Taylor & Francis Group (Routledge)

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