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Lakeman Library for Electoral Studies holds extensive and unique collections of materials on electoral issues including books, pamphlets, journals, extensive press cuttings and other printed material dating from the mid nineteenth century onwards on voting systems and elections, electoral reform and proportional representation, suffrage and other related constitutional issues.  Many of the materials stem from or are associated with the Proportional Representation Society (PRS), founded in 1884, the predecessor of the Electoral Reform Society (ERS). The Library's name commemorates Enid Lakeman OBE, the distinguished former director of the ERS and a noted pioneer in the study of voting systems and their effects.

Among the more unusual items, there are early pamphlets on PR in Britain, America and Australia; a collection of 97 pamphlets from 1884-1907, including C.L Dodgson’s [Lewis Carroll’s] 1884 Principles of Parliamentary Representation; a collection of 176 pamphlets from 1864-1918 on PR in Belgium, Denmark, France and Switzerland donated by H.R. Droop; the correspondence of Lord Courtney of Penwith, a prominent turn-of the-twentieth century advocate of PR, and the papers of the academic and broadcaster Dr J.F.S. Ross.

Holdings also include a set of Reform Acts from 1832 to 1884, and a number of reports on elections held during the 1990s in the emerging democracies, Commonwealth countries being well represented.

The Library has access by prior arrangement.

The Trust is pleased to be informed about books, pamphlets or other papers becoming available on any relevant subjects, and welcomes charitable donations and legacies in support of its work.

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