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30 Jul 2017
By: McDougall Trust

Our key observations plus some questions arising from the UK EU Referendum and US Presidential election

6 Jul 2016
By: McDougall Trust

McDougall Trust operates in an environment in which short-term, sometimes frenzied, political developments sometimes disguise, but can also reflect, significant long-term changes. The Trust attempts to identify those which matter most to its central concern with public understanding of the way elections work and contribute to democracy.

19 Feb 2014
By: Ron Johnston

Book Review by Ron Johnston: Paul Whiteley, Harold D. Clarke, David Sanders and Marianne C. Stewart, Affluence, Austerity and Electoral Change in Britain

25 Sep 2013
By: Ron Johnston

Book Review: Anthony F. Heath, Stephen D. Fisher, Gemma Rosenblatt, David Sanders and Maria Sobolewska, The Political Integration of Ethnic Minorities in Britain

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