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Workshop  Digital Democracy, citizen engagement and the pros and cons of electronic voting
Friday 9 December 2016   Video on YouTube

Workshop  Is there a tension between Parliamentary Democracy and Referendums?
Wednesday 9 November 2016   Video on YouTube here


Workshop  Political Corruption – Elections and Beyond: Perspectives from Indonesia and Australia
Tuesday 23 August 2016, at Melbourne Law School   Video on YouTube here

The Electoral Climate in 2015-16    McDougall Trust's Annual Review, July 2016   here


McDougall Trust's Annual Report and Accounts 30 September 2015  (July 2016)   here


Workshop  A Comparative Analysis of the Deliberative Quality of Televised Election Debates in Europe
Tuesday 12 July 2016, at Australian National University   Video on YouTube here

Workshop  Why do people join political parties today, and what do they do for them?
Thursday 7 July 2016   Slides from workshop here


Workshop  Have the Polls Learnt Their Lesson? The Polling Miss in 2015 - and Beyond
Wednesday 20 April 2016   Video on YouTube here


Workshop  Who Can Vote? Does the UK Franchise Influence the Outcomes of Referendums and General Elections?
21 October 2015   Video on YouTube here


Workshop  The Rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)
10 March 2015   Video on YouTube here

Paper  Equality, Community and Continuity: Reviewing the UK Rules for Constituency Redistributions
by Ron Johnston, David Rossiter and Charles Pattie, 2 July 2014

Book Review  Paul Whiteley et al.: Affluence, Austerity and Electoral Change in Britain, 2013,
by Ron Johnston, 19 February 2014


Workshop  The Evolution of Debates about Electoral Reform in the UK since 1945
Abstract by Dr Alan Renwick for 9 May 2013 (rescheduled from 17 April)

Workshop  The Politics of the Electoral Process: is electoral administration in the UK becoming (more) partisan?  
Abstract by Lewis Baston and Ros Baston for 30 November 2012 (pm) 

Workshop   What can we learn from Get Out the Vote Experiments in the UK
Abstract by Professor Peter John for 30 November 2012 (am)

Workshop  The Scottish Local Elections of 2012 
Background paper (draft not for citation) by Dr Alistair Clark for 11 October 2012

Paper  Comments on the proposed system for Individual Electoral Registration in Great Britain
by Patrick A. Bradley, 2012



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