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McDougall is an independent charity which promotes public understanding of electoral democracy. Its special interest is in elections and electoral systems – whether in government at local, national and international level or in voluntary organisations, political parties, companies and trade unions.

McDougall’s work includes:

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30 Mar 2016

Have the Polls Learnt Their Lesson? The Polling Miss in 2015 - and Beyond.

27 Jun 2014

Published on Wednesday 2 July 2014:

Ron Johnston, David Rossiter and Charles Pattie (2014) Equality, Community and Continuity: Reviewing the UK Rules for Constituency Redistributions

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By: Ron Johnston

Book Review by Ron Johnston: Paul Whiteley, Harold D. Clarke, David Sanders and Marianne C. Stewart, Affluence, Austerity and Electoral Change in Britain


The Journal of Representative Democracy.


Research Grants

McDougall Trust makes a number of small grants each year to organisations or individuals for purposes that further the Trust’s charitable objects.