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7 Sep 2019

If there is a snap election, 

what can we do to improve the campaign?

Thursday, 12 September 2019, 6 pm to 7.30 pm - London WC1

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7 Mar 2019

Major McDougall-funded Report by Constitution Unit UCL published.

Doing Democracy Better:  How Can Information and Discourse in Election and Referendum Campaigns in the UK be improved? Report published March 2019, co-authored by Alan Renwick, Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit, with Michela Palese as Research Assistant and McDougall Fellow.

Recent developments have led many people of all political persuasions to worry that the quality of political discourse - an essential part of democracy - is currently too low.

Particular concerns focus on the need for balanced and reliable information and on the dangers posed by the easy availability of seductive misinformation.


After examining existing practice in the UK and around the world, the core recommendation of the report is that a new 'information hub', containing information of many types, should be established to give voters ready access to information during election and referendum periods.

The authors argue that, to ensure quality and sustainability, the information hub should be publicly funded and run by an independent public body.  This body would not generate all the materials itself, but would gather them from diverse sources. Wherever possible, processes of deliberation among citizens would be integral to the development of these materials.

30 Jul 2017

McDougall Trust's Review of the Electoral Climate in 2016-17

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15 Dec 2016

Friday 9 December 2016 McDougall Workshop video now on YouTube. Speakers Areeq Chowdhury Chief Executive of WebRoots Democracy and Jason Kitcat Head of Public Affairs at Crunch debate the pros and cons of electronic voting.

17 Nov 2016

Wednesday 9 November 2016 McDougall Workshop video now on YouTube. Speaker Nat le Roux Strategy Director of the Constitution Society

9 Nov 2016

McDougall Trust's Annual Review 2016 

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