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McDougall Trust has provided support by way of grant funding for organisations or individuals for research and information dissemination activities in the field of electoral democracy. 


Doing Democracy Better: How Can Information and Discourse in Election and Referendum Campaigns in the UK Be Improved?  Report published March 2019

McDougall Trust grant funded this important and timely research project at the Constitution Unit UCL, led by Dr Alan Renwick, Deputy Director of the Unit, with Michela Palese, Research Assistant and McDougall Fellow.   

Work of this project was drawn upon by the Independent Commission on Referendums, supported by the Constitution Unit, which reviewed regulation and practice of referendums and developed recommendations for their use and conduct in the UK.  Their detailed report was published on 10 July 2018, ISBN 978-1-903903-83-4.

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For details of the annual McDougall Trust Research Prize, plus other research and information dissemination activities supported, see: Research and Information Dissemination supported by McDougall Grant making.



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