voting matters

Voting matters

Voting matters is an occasional publication and resource of discussion papers which aims to advance the understanding of preferential voting systems.

The resource mainly consists of the papers on preferential voting systems published in hard copy form from March 1994 to April 2013 (Issue 30) in McDougall Trust's occasional journal Voting matters – advancing understanding of preferential voting systems (ISSN: 1745-6231).

The papers include reprints notably of H R Droop 'On Methods of Electing Representatives' 1881 including report of Royal Statistical Society discussion of April 1881 (Issue 24, October 2007) and Thomas Hare 'On the Application of a New Statistical Method to the Ascertainment of the Votes of Majorities in a More Exhaustive Manner' 1860 (Issue 25, September 2008).

Details of papers in Voting matters can be found by clicking the Issue and Author Indexes.

Further papers are occasionally published and added to the Voting matters resource.

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