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Forthcoming Seminars by The Constitution Unit, UCL

Monday 20 November 2017: Council Room, The Constitution Unit, The Rubin Building, UCL, 29/30 Tavistock Square, LONDON WC1H 9QU

Organising a snap election:  at the centre, on the ground, and in parliament

Claire Bassett, Chief Executive, Electoral Commission
Frances Biggs, Deputy Returning Officer, Southwark
Simon James, Head of the Cabinet Office Elections Division
Paul Evans, Clerk of Committees in the House of Commons
ChairAlan Renwick, Deputy Director, Constitution Unit
In April 2017 the Prime Minister announced a snap general election to be held on 8 June.  This created a six month hiatus in parliament, with legislation rushed through before the election, and then a long delay before parliament was fully up and running again.  Meanwhile, election officials had just seven weeks to prepare for polling day.
Wednesday 13 December 2017 Elvin Hall (Room 104) Institute of Education,
20 Bedford Way, LONDON WC1H 0AL

Citizens' Assembly on Brexit:  what kind of Brexit do people want?

Alan Renwick, Director of the Citizens' Assembly
Sarah Allan, Engagement lead, Involve
Prof Anand Menon, Director, UK in a Changing Europe, KCL
Prof Catherine Barnard, Cambridge
In September 2017 the Constitution Unit convened a Citizens' Assembly to engage in detailed, reflective and informed discussions about what the UK's post-Brexit relations with the European Union should be.  50 members of the public - carefully selected to reflect the diversity of the UK's population - met over two weekends in Manchester.  They learned about the options for Brexit, heard from a wide range of experts and campaigners, and deliberated before proceeding to a series of votes on what form Brexit should take.  In this seninar, the organisers will explain the Assembly's procedures and conclusions, and two of the UK's leading Brexit experts will reflect on the Assembly's significance.




McDougall Trust's Research and Information Workshops, initiated in March 2009, have covered a wide range of topical as well as historical subjects within McDougall's charitable focus of electoral democracy.

For details of topics and speakers at past events organised solely or jointly by McDougall, including notes on key messages and videos on YouTube, click the Past Workshops link.

For details of Workshop-related abstracts, slides and other resources including videos on YouTube, click the Publications / Papers, Videos link.



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